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April 8, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

GDP vs self-reported happiness

Does rising GDP lead to greater happiness? Not really, according to the latest World Happiness Report, as summarized in The Economist. ‘Of the 125 countries for which good data exist, 43 have seen GDP per person and happiness move in opposite directions (in red on graphic).’…

There are 7 universal moral rules: love your family; help your group; return favours; be brave; defer to authority; be fair and respect others’ property. They’re the same across cultures, according to analysis of ethics from 60 societies (600,000 words from over 600 sources). Ht Paul Kirby

Microsummary of nearly 300 papers to Oxford’s recent African economics conference, covering ‘nearly every aspect of African societies, from agriculture to education to firms to health to trade.’ by the human hooverbrain, Dave Evans

Using click-bait phrases in research

‘Scholarly Enticement’ – how to apply viral marketing techniques to your geeky blogpost. Coming to range of posts on this blog in the near future, I fear.

Egg-on-face update: It was an April Fool. Well it fooled me….

And some top book reviews:

One of my favourite bloggers reviewing one of my favourite books: Branko Milanovic on Francis Fukuyama’s ‘The Origins of Political Order’

Heineken in Africa. ‘Always align with those in power-regardless of government or regime; use a weak regulatory environment to your advantage on favours, subsidies, competition or advertising.’

Muffet McGraw (top US women’s basketball coach) with a brilliant exposition on discrimination in sport and its wider significance. Sports coaches as a new form of public authority maybe?

April 8, 2019
Duncan Green