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March 25, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Reasons people are willing to pay more tax

A majority of people living in developed countries want their government to tax the rich more to help the poor, according to an OECD survey of 21 countries (not including the UK for some reason).

Do we really Live in a One-Hump World? More humpiness, this time from Jason Hickel

Complicating the Narratives. Excellent long read from Amanda Ripley on the need to rethink journalism

‘The goal: To build a liveable city out of a refugee camp, one that might endure even if the refugees can return home someday.’ Interesting National Geographic long read on an experiment in Uganda, taking a v different approach to S Sudan refugees ht Tobias Denskus.

Providing sanitary pads in 30 schools in Western Kenya reduces absenteeism by 5.4 percentage points. Ht Dave Evans

LSE announces Amartya Sen Chair in Inequality Studies

The dos and don’ts of influencing policy through research: a systematic review of advice to academics.

An impromptu haka by a small group of Christchurch schoolchildren in tribute to their murdered classmates, full of catharsis and anger as scores of students join in. Makes me cry ever time.

March 25, 2019
Duncan Green