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February 11, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Parliamentary procedures

Eyes to the Right; Nose to the Left. Delightfully straight-faced explainer by the South London Press of understable confusion over weird UK parliamentary procedures ht Esther Webber

Turns out she has a genius for political theatre as well as social media. AOC is having a ball now Congress has reopened.

The seven types of policy makers and what they mean for getting your research used

Billions of pounds of UK aid are failing to reduce poverty, a new report finds; Why? tl;dr DFID is good, but the rest of the UK government hasn’t a clue (or is using the money for something else)

If you want to expand your reading horizons (a lot) check out book hoover Dave Evans’ personal blog and January reading recommendations Example: “The difference between war and peace is as follows: in war, the poor are the first to be killed; in peace, the poor are the first to die. For us women, there’s another difference too: in war, we get raped by those we do not know.” From Woman of the Ashes, by Mia Couto

The blogosphere loves a spat, and some people are always happy to oblige. Branko Milanovic weighs in on long term global poverty trends, and largely supports Jason Hickel in his scrap with Stephen Pinker and Bill Gates.

They in turn were basing their optimism on the work of Our World in Data. Here’s a brilliant long read (and great teaching resource) on how we calculate historical poverty rates going back to the 1200s. And here’s the infographic that sent Bill Gates into ecstasies.

The World as 100 people
February 11, 2019
Duncan Green