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October 29, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Advanced versus emerging market and developing economies

Nice graph of advanced v emerging + developing economies, share of global GDP. Anyone fancy drawing a squid on this, to give Branko Milanovic’s elephant graph some competition?

Speaking of Branko, here’s his gloriously written review of 15 authors’ attempts to chart a future for social democracy.

The son of South Sudan’s President explaining how he got his money. Extraordinary.

Federal judges in US who participated in a right-leaning economics training subsequently used more economics language and ruled more conservatively (against environmental and labor regulations, and harsher criminal sentences). ht Chris Blattman

African countries rated by percentage of women in parliament

3 countries in Africa have achieved gender parity in their cabinets/ministerial positions: Seychelles, Ethiopia and Rwanda (all 3 pretty in pink).

Since 1995, there has been consistent and significant convergence [in national GDP per capita], even between the poorest group of countries and the richest, an effect that exists even discounting China and India. Important work from Dev Patel, Justin Sandefur and Arvind Subramanian [based on national averages, so doesn’t include rising inequality within countries.]

Amazing African documentaries – all showing in Film Africa, London, w/b 4th November

If you liked last week’s ideas for better blogging, why not check out the real writers: links to top tips from Zadie Smith, John Steinbeck, Susan Sontag, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac and more

Alarming how well the hate speech of politicians suits the lyrics of Drill

October 29, 2018
Duncan Green