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October 22, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Honestly, it really isn’t a ‘scary time’ for men. Thanks Lynzy Lab Stewart

“Ninety-five percent of economics is common sense.” Ha-Joon Chang in the LSE student paper, on Brexit, trade and Kpop, after launching this year’s series of Friday afternoon guest lectures at the LSE. Details of top line up of future speakers here.

It’s only week 1, but I’m seriously impressed by the level of participation and insights on the Oxfam’s new online Make Change Happen course for activists. Not too late to sign up.

Pope Francis canonized Oscar Romero on 14th October. Massive props to Julian Filochowski, Clare Dixon & everyone at CAFOD, who campaigned decades for this moment. This is a big deal: St Oscar, assassinated in El Salvador for defending the people, will be a beacon of social justice for centuries.

Oxfam (and everyone else) criticises the World Bank for backing deregulated labour markets in the new World Development Report on the future of work

How about offering team-based PhDs rather than insisting on the ‘loneliness of the long distance scholar’?

History RePPPeated – How public private partnerships are failing. 10 case studies from different sectors across 4 continents released ahead of annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank

And your reward for getting this far: a deer goes for a morning skip on the beach – when did you last feel like this?

October 22, 2018
Duncan Green