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October 8, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Huddersfield subtitled as Hoodezfield

US subtitler v Dr Who (who is from Huddersfield)

Oxfam’s new ‘Make Change Happen’ MOOC (free online course) kicks off next week. Register here.

Fox News TV presenter falls off chair. Colleague pretends nothing happened and goes into next segment. Weird.

Adding formulaic pro-diversity statements to job ads actually reduces the number of applications from minority groups. Other approaches like mentoring and dedicated college recruitment teams, work much better.

Where super-rich populations are growing fastest

The countries with the fastest growing numbers of super rich (net worth of $30m plus). Check out the winner.

2 new podcasts: IDS has started the ‘between the lines’ series. First up is dev legend and all round lovely person, Robert Chambers 

Adaptive Management and how it applies to development and peacebuilding. Me on the new Adapt Peacebuilding podcast (34m).

Somebody have fun with Theresa May’s Dancing Queen routine

If a Banksy painting suddenly shreds itself moments after you’ve bought it at auction for $1.1m, should you get your money back?

‘Dear Young People: Don’t Vote’ Great voter registration exercise – can we do one for UK please?

October 8, 2018
Duncan Green