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September 17, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Countries by population size

Ace number cruncher Max Roser has redrawn the map of the world so that country size is proportional to its population. So large countries with a small population shrink in size – talking about you Canada, Mongolia, Australia, and Russia, and vice versa for heavily populated places like the Netherlands or Japan. Cool eh? And kind of obvious – has no-one done this before?

National Portrait Gallery, National Landscape Gallery

Compare and contrast: the Guardian’s Afua Hirsch on Theresa May’s visit to Africa. Hannah Ryder on last week’s China Africa summit – Deborah Brautigam combs through the aid numbers agreed there.

Cash Transfers for wonks: Techie but fascinating discussion of new paper by Chris Blattman and friends on the long term (9 yrs) effects of a group-based cash grant program for unemployed youth to start individual enterprises in skilled trades in Northern Uganda. And USAID has started a series of cash benchmarking evaluations that compare the per-dollar impact of USAID programs with that of a comparably sized cash transfer given directly to individuals or households.

Kaori Shigiya quote

The collapse of Lehman brothers 10 years ago had a silver lining for Kaori Shigiya, according to a piece in the FT

Our future is disappearing. Smart and moving ice statue protest – anyone know the location? While we’re on climate change, check out this amazing example of weather reporting-cum-CGI (it all kicks off about 30 seconds in)

Economic man v bunch of puppets rap battle, by Kate Raworth and friends

September 17, 2018
Duncan Green