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July 16, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

The Trump demo last Friday v my first experiences in the early 80s: you still can’t hear the speakers, and everyone still mills around trying to find their friends. But at least there’s more music now and the outfits and placards have got a lot more fun. Here are a few of my favourites (the one on the left needs to be read in Dick van Dyke cod-cockney).

While we’re on the subject, a really interesting take from Tom Carothers: Trump sees countries as a businessman sees companies – he doesn’t have friends and enemies, just wants to keep them all at arm’s length in order to do one-off ‘deals’. So he pulls enemies closer, and pushes allies away.

My paper with Angela Christie on the Pyoe Pin programme in Myanmar as an example of Adaptive Management is now online

Design v Reality: cycle path edition

Designing for how we want humans to behave, rather than how they actually behave ht Richard Shotton

Latest issue of the excellent (and open access) Gender & Development Journal is on the role of ICTs in curbing violence and enhancing rights. Here’s the overview chapter

Every chart on economic gender inequality in one place. Ht Ian Bray (2023 update from Gary Campbell at the US Chamber of Commerce: ‘Our team has published an updated report on the gender pay gap that offers valuable insights and current data. You can find it here:‘)

The World Cup produced some smart humour. This spotted on a Paris pavement. And here’s some kids practicing football, when their coach shouts ‘Neymar!’.

July 16, 2018
Duncan Green