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June 25, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Now this is what I call a political ad. Why am I running for Congress against a Tea Party Republican in Texas? It all started with a door. MJ Hegar sets out her stall:

The human price of stocking supermarket shelves. Tim Gore introduces a big new Oxfam campaign

‘That tearing sound you can hear is the veil that normally partitions economics from society and politics’. Great long read from Aditya Chakrabortty on an experiment in popular economics

‘Countries that even just barely qualified for the African Cup of Nations experienced significantly less conflict in the following six months’. The connection between soccer and nation-building is a much-neglected issue.

Which one is Fox News, which North Korean state TV?

The case against branding aid in fragile states

‘a single global poverty line cannot do the job that the World Bank, since the first poverty report in 1990, claimed it could’. Branko Milanovic unpacks the (many) implications of Bob Allen’s work on poverty lines

Naomi Hossain: fuel and energy riots are common around the world, have barely been studied, and are a potential roadblock to tackling climate change by cutting fossil fuel subsidies.

Congrats to Uganda’s Brian Gitta, the young entrepreneur who just won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa prize for inventing a bloodless malaria test

Powerful ICRC video on what happens when, around the world, hospitals, medical personnel and aid workers come under attack.

June 25, 2018
Duncan Green