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June 15, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

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Free Tommy Robinson March and World Naked Bike Ride

The Free Tommy Robinson March has accidentally bumped into the World Naked Bike Ride event in London. What a time to be alive. ht ‘Chairman LMAO’

‘Petronia is a simulated learning experience exploring challenges of a fictional developing country at the outset of oil production.’ Interesting gamification of Curse of Wealth from the Natural Resource Governance Institute. I’d be interested in any player reviews.

Don’t be a conference troll: an oldie-but-goodie guide to asking good questions

Independent watchdog ICAI is critical of UK aid spending outside DFID – looks like a throwback to the bad old days of ‘aid for arms’ and the Pergau Dam

Owen Barder asks which kinds of aid can be ‘win-win’ for recipient and donor and when does pursuing UK national interest damage aid?

PDIA and Climate Change Adaptation. Report back on the Harvard Building State Capability team’s ‘first attempt at customizing our free PDIA online course to a specific theme’.

Inequality versus crime

The stark relationship btw inequality and crime

Tobacco (7m) Alcohol (3m) and High Body Mass (4m) are major killers. Sugar, tobacco and alcohol taxes (STAX) have measurable impact on all 3. Must read from The Lancet ht Robert Marten

Real life pie chart

This pie chart is true

‘Rather than proposing the economics for the 21st century, Raworth’s book brings us back to the imaginary world of early Christendom.’ Branko Milanovic has his doubts about Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics. Looking forward to Kate’s reply!

Only just catching up with this weird and overlong movie-trailer-style video on US-Korean talks, which Trump showed Kim last week. Background here

June 15, 2018
Duncan Green