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May 28, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Claiming credit for ideas

Ideas in Meetings

Globally, $1.7 Trillion was spent on the military in 2017. The highest since End of Cold War. = 13x the volume of aid, and $230 for every person on the planet.

Are economists’ standard solutions part of the problem in fragile states?

Lots to read for ‘Doing Development Differently’ nerds:

Fighting HIV with MTV in Nigeria. The impact of edutainment on social norms. If you like your evidence RCT’d this one’s for you.

Where is the ‘African’ in African Studies? ht David Mwambari

This is both charming and a fascinating portrait of a child comic genius. ‘I don’t try to be funny or it’s not funny’

May 28, 2018
Duncan Green