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April 9, 2018

     By Duncan Green     


It’s going to be a long day at Prague airport…. ht Misha Glenny

Really amazing legal activism in Colombia, on intergenerational equity and environmental destruction. And the good guys won. ht Tessa Khan

What to say when someone tries to mansplain away the gender pay gap

Brilliant David Booth (ODI) piece on doing problem-driven development: four lessons from Nepal

“Following the storms, a coalition of environmental NGOs brings a class-action suit against the US government and fossil-fuel companies on the grounds of neglecting what scientists (including their own) have been saying for years: that something must be done. A social reaction to the use of fossil fuels grows, and individuals become ‘vigilante environmentalists’ in the same way, a generation earlier, they had become fiercely anti-tobacco. Direct-action campaigns against companies escalate. Young consumers, especially, demand action …” From a 1998 Shell scenario planning exercise. Anyone else see a comparison to Big Tobacco and litigation?

Whitened cliffs of Dover

The Daily Excess Express surpassed itself with its ‘one year to Brexit’ cover. a) ooh, look – a cliff edge b) the photographer says they artificially whitened up the cliffs. Oops.

The Debate about RCTs in Development is over. We won. Slides and transcript of Lant Pritchett’s provocative/triumphalist recent lecture

The Donald channels Donnie Darko at Easter. Extremely odd, even by modern White House standards. Is BunnyBragging a thing now?

And on that surreal note, I am off on holiday. Back on 23rd April. Here’s a happy sloth to keep you company while I’m gone (really hope I get to see one, as well as be one)

costa rican sloth
April 9, 2018
Duncan Green