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February 26, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Corruption perceptions index 2017

Corruption perceptions index 2017.  New Zealand the cleanest, Somalia bottom of the heap.

Should advocates also be philanthropists in their personal lives, changing the world in the ‘nownow’ while pushing for the big (but long term) stuff? Thoughtful agonizing from Chambi Chachage

World Development Report 2019 will be on ‘The Changing Nature of Work’. Here’s the 40 page ‘concept note‘. Anyone read it yet? If so, what did you think?

Some enterprising LSE students have started a development podcast, called The World Isn’t Flat (a retort to Thomas Friedman – anyone remember him?). Here’s them chatting to me about the role of NGOs in Development

Chinese investment in Africa vs in Europe and the US

Chinese investment in Africa is not only modest, it is falling.

Update on Oxfam and sexual misconduct:

Last week Oxfam released its 2011 Haiti investigation report.

LSE Prof David Lewis explores the wider implications for aid

“Is Oxfam the worst or the best?” Academic Dyan Mazurana conducted a two-year research programme  into sexual harassment and abuse in the aid sector. She finds serious sector-wide failings, but ‘Oxfam is today one of the best international aid agencies in terms of reporting, investigating and addressing sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse of its staff.’

Back to other stuff:

Branko Milanovic’s GlobalInequality blog is the best thing that’s happened to development blogging in years. Here he is on the dual delusions of conspiracy theorists and those who believe they are free to say/do whatever they want.

How one community beat the system, and rebuilt their shattered streets. Aditya Chakrabortty with a great new episode in his inspiring ‘Alternatives’ series.

World’s largest (14,000 projects, 8 donors) database of development projects with outcome ratings now available for download/public use

Lissa Lucas, you are amazing. How to make the most of your 105 second slot at a public hearing. ht Greg Hogben

February 26, 2018
Duncan Green