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February 5, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Saving lives versus social media prominence

There’s research impact, and then there’s social media

Props to the World Bank and Shanta Devarajan for putting together this series of development economics lectures by distinguished academics. Notice anything about the lineup? H/t Alice Evans

Alex De Waal demonstrates how the concept of the ‘political marketplace’ helps explain four enduring puzzles in contemporary Africa and the Greater Middle East.

‘In developing countries for which we have data, about 56% of the kids who are in school are not learning. In sub-Saharan Africa, the number is about 90%’

Just published: The Financial Secrecy Index 2018, the Tax Justice Network’s ranking of secrecy jurisdictions globally

ActBuildChange – promising new website for activists (gives training, support) h/t Alex Sutton

In praise of impurity. Beautiful reflection on the rise of nationalism in Pakistan, UK and everywhere else, from Mohsin Hamid

And just because I like to end with a video, and I’m about to inflict this one on my students, here’s the dancing man with lessons for leadership and how change happens. Enjoy.

February 5, 2018
Duncan Green