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January 29, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

Working hours by country

So much for stereotypes: Mexicans work the longest hours in the OECD, Germans the least. (click to expand)

Freedom of Information requests reveal that the UK Government (Foreign Office and Department for International Trade) are still championing the interests of British American Tobacco. Reminder. Smoking kills 6m people a year, mostly in poor countries (WHO figures). A genuine scandal.

Charles Kenny v Angus Deaton on whether US charity should begin at home (Deaton thinks more US aid should be redirected to domestic poverty spending)

Some non-Oxfam Davos analysis:

Is Davos ‘ a form of moral self-licensing. Once you’ve convinced yourself that you’re the good guy, you can go on to behave appallingly’?

Breakdown of Davos delegates by country, gender, sector, via The Economist. What’s with Luxembourg? (click to expand)

Davos delegate breakdown

Why Don’t Poor Farmers Move to the City? Excellent survey of the evidence by Justin Sandefur

Development blogging is definitely in a crisis’. I’m too close to the topic to be objective – do you agree?

US air wars under Trump: increasingly indiscriminate, increasingly opaque.

5 Challenges to Work on Social Accountability in Fragile, Conflict and Violent Settings. Excellent 5m video summary from Anu Joshi of IDS

January 29, 2018
Duncan Green