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December 18, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Some COP 28 links.

First a nice ‘killer graphic’ on the paltry funds being pledged for loss and damage, ht Loss and Damage Collaboration (L&DC)

And the best wrap up I’ve seen so far: ‘COP 28: neither a triumph nor a disaster, so let’s just crack on’ from Simon Maxwell

Harrowing: ‘What can I do?’: Reflections of a Gaza aid worker

If not twitter then what? Useful comparison of the main social media platforms for academics, but also relevant to the wider policy world

What does it mean to do generous research?

Some vintage 1970s feminist ad-busting at the Women in Revolt exhibition at the Tate

Vladimir Putin chats to an AI version of himself. Is this the future of press conferences? All a bit Being John Malkovich for me tbh

December 18, 2023
Duncan Green


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