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October 16, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Bit of good news out of India, for a change. On September 21st India’s parliament passed a bill reserving a third of the seats in its lower house and in state assemblies for women.

Angus Deaton, Nobel Memorial Laureate, on the state of economics: “The time has come, Deaton argues, for economists to get back to serving society. ‘The discipline has become unmoored from its proper basis, which is the study of human welfare’” ht Isabella Weber

The rush for clean-energy minerals risks fuelling conflict in the Sahel – and that has to be on the climate agenda

Plus two report backs from me:

Huge thanks to everyone who commented and helped in updating How Change Happens. Hit send last week. Yay! Books due in the Spring (a very elastic term) – watch this space.

After 125 reader votes, I’m calling it. The book you most want me to review is ‘The Last 10%’. Otherwise will try and work my way down the list, but some may end up heading straight for Oxfam shop. Soz

Best fan interview so far from the Rugby World Cup. If you’re not Scottish, any word you don’t understand probably means ‘drunk’…..

October 16, 2023
Duncan Green


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