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September 25, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

They’ve got a point

Twitter spirals on downward under Musk: ‘Musk says X will charge everyone to use the platform’. As a firm believer in Open Access, if twitter goes gated, I’m out – v upsetting given what a good experience it’s been up to now. If/when it happens, guess I’ll switch to Linked In for most interactions, so do please link up ahead of time.

Nearly 30% of the (shrinking) UK aid budget was spent on refugee costs in the UK in 2022.

Big update on planetary boundaries, and the news is grim. For the first time ever, scientists have quantified all nine planetary boundaries. Six of them are already transgressed and we are increasing pressure on the others.

Still, at least Luis Rubiales finally resigned

Why understanding religious groups’ perception of disease is vital for public health policy

Which developed countries provided their “fair share” of climate finance in 2021? Number crunching by ODI Ht Sarah Colenbrander

September 25, 2023
Duncan Green


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