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September 12, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Did you have a relaxing summer holidays? Academic version. Ht PHDComics

Often talk to my students about finding the right messenger for your campaign, not just focussing on the message. Here’s a nice Oxfam example: Millionaires (yes, really), economists, and eminent politicians implore the G20 to “tax the super-rich”. In an open letter, they call for a new international agreement on wealth taxes to “stop extreme wealth from corroding our collective future”.

Overlay the concentric rings with ‘willingness to express opinion’ and I think I’ve found my new job description…..

We’re finally figuring out if foreign aid is any better than handing out cash. Interesting discussion on USAID work on when/how to benchmark aid against cash transfers.

Apologies for parochial Brit politics, but here’s the Prime Minister, the sweary and unappreciated Education Secretary, and an unimpressed future citizen. Really hope this kid grows up to become a public figure….

September 12, 2023
Duncan Green


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