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August 7, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Barbie. What a fantastic film! I was enthralled from the first scene – a hilarious riff on 2001 A Space Odyssey. It manages to get some great messages on gender over in a way that is witty, knowing and not at all worthy. What’s more the kind of people who are going to and talking about the movie are way outside of the normal bubble – check out this US Google Trends analysis of Barbie v Oppenheimer – Barbie smashing it in the southern states

OK maybe lots of the commentary in Texas is negative – can’t tell from this, but if not, can you think of any better way to get people there, or in Mississippi (the peak Barbie state) talking about gender norms?!

‘I will not accept this is a highly dangerous road’. Here’s your all purpose car crash metaphor. You’re welcome. (Plus, anyone know this guy’s name/position?)

UK charity foundation Lankelly Chase to abolish itself and give away £130m after concluding that traditional philanthropy is ‘function of colonial capitalism’

Fascinating watching UK development minister Andrew Mitchell trying to reverse his government’s aid cuts. Would love to see his internal change strategy!

Football v Politics: Three African countries competing in the Women’s World Cup advanced to the Round of 16. Each one will now play its former coloniser. Morocco v France. Nigeria v England. South Africa v the Netherlands. Sweeeet. ht Shailja Patel

August 7, 2023
Duncan Green


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