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July 24, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Twitter seems v tired/evil right now, so I have started an FP2P LinkedIn page. Not quite sure what I’ll do with it yet, apart from link to new FP2P posts. All suggestions welcome (plus please follow!).

A new league table analyses the disclosure and performance of 60 of the world’s largest global food and beverage companies on their efforts to address forced labour in supply chains. Interestingly, the accompanying blog doesn’t address one of the most striking patterns. Top performers are weighted heavily towards TNCs based in the Global North; bottom performers in the Global South. Would be interested in thoughts on why.

Eleven theses on globalization. Brilliant and thought provoking from Branko Milanovic. And pretty dark.

Very cool research design. ‘Do (face to face) conferences work for the diffusion of ideas? At least in the computer science conferences we study, the answer appears to be yes, and a lot of that diffusion is serendipitous.’

Fancy some easy money over the summer? $40 per citation. Refreshingly honest…..

Alternatively, why not sign up for Oxfam’s free Make Change Happen course for activists and changemakers? You can still register here. Check out the reviews if you’re not sure

ChatGPT goes to Harvard (and gets decent grades. Uh oh)

‘One thing I learned in the City is that there’s no such thing as a merger. One side wins, and one side loses. Meeting different old DfID officials, when I came back, was like meeting people coming out of the rubble from a nuclear blast’.’ Andrew Mitchell not mincing his words at the FCDO.

Gotta love any blog that manages to mention both the ‘confusing rocket frog’ and the ‘longnose harlequin’, all in a piece on rights and social justice in Ecuador.

This is a super smart ad for the Women’s World Cup, but does it challenge gender stereotypes in soccer or entrench them? After all, no-one would do this on women’s tennis. Can’t decide.

July 24, 2023
Duncan Green


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