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July 11, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

It’s getting harder to squeeze much fun or value out of twitter these days, but here’s a few recent links – please send me good stuff to make up for the meltdown!

Bilateral aid budgets reached a record high of USD 204 billion in 2022 despite sluggish economic conditions in donor countries. The increase was driven mainly by support to Ukraine & spending on refugees in OECD countries. See 2023-24 trends

Climate Change Isn’t Everything by Mike Hulme. Excellent review from Simon Maxwell

Over the summer, why not sign up for Oxfam’s Make Change Happen course for activists and changemakers? You can still register here. Check out the reviews if you’re not sure!

Capitalists, the state and globalization. Thought-provoking as ever from Branko.

Inspiring interviews with youth activists in Myanmar – I particularly liked the ‘write a slogan on your longyi‘ campaign (above, the message in the longyi reads: “The Junta is failing”).

What exactly is a PhD by publication? V useful – every week, I have several convos about this way to do a PhD (it’s how I got mine)

Final Open Access version of my journal article (with Toms Kirk and Mosquera and Pat Stys) on ‘Adaptive programming and going with the grain: IMAGINE’s new water governance model in Goma, DRC‘. Summary here

Found poem, Brooklyn, ht Tara Skurtu

July 11, 2023
Duncan Green


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