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June 5, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Kudos to the Economist’s graphics team. Some recent examples:

It’s continuing to do important analysis of excess deaths from Covid. ‘the world’s current total mortality rate exceeds projections from 2019 by 5%, or 3m lives per year.’ = 4th leading cause of death worldwide

Striking picture of the shift of global economic centre of gravity since 1990s, with obvious (geo)political consequences.

Variation in major Western powers’ economic exposure to China (exports and affiliates’ revenues in China)

Must listen. Brilliant interview with Mark Malloch-Brown, now running the Open Society Foundation, on the excellent Pod Save the World. He covers historical sweep of civic activism, and where we are now, among other things.

Opinion: Development research funded right saves lives and livelihoods

Defying Violence And Repression, Women Are Finding New Ways To Connect And Campaign For Human Rights. Anandita Ghosh introduces the new issue of the Gender and Development journal, on Women Human Rights Defenders

Feels like I could spend all waking hours keeping up with AI developments, but this one hour video from the team that brought us ‘The Social Dilemma’ about Facebook is a good place to start. Pretty terrifying. The A.I. Dilemma – March 9, 2023

June 5, 2023
Duncan Green


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