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April 24, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Hi guys, back from holidays and busily catching up on the reading/timeline backlog. Here are some highlights

LSE guidance on how to spot students using ChatGPT (what else?!). Does this remind you of any of your colleagues? 😉

Some nice practical suggestions for how to use it in your work to save time/look smarter

What Will Happen in Sudan? Excellent backgrounder

Some news from Oxfam:

The Art of Advocacy Strategy. Nice manual on how to design campaigns, from problem analysis → power mapping → stakeholder mapping → strategy.

Catching up with a load of Economist back numbers. A timesuck (think painting the Forth Bridge), but there’s always a few nuggets, especially the graphics:

In 2022, remittances to Lat Am and Caribbean hit $142bn, 48% more than in 2019. Mexico ($60bn) overtook China and is now only second to India.

What Middle Income Trap? New crunch of 101 formerly middle income countries finds 23 countries moving from to high income since 1960

‘New data suggest that Africa’s birth rate is falling far more quickly than expected‘ Continent now seems to be following the earlier East Asian trajectory. Factors: birth control, girls’ education, cost of living and change in discourse from (some) leaders

Thanks Janey Godley for this gem:

Finally, it’s April, so lots of students starting to think about how to get their feet on the jobs ladder:

And of course that lovely video of cats in Ramadan!

April 24, 2023
Duncan Green