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March 27, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Beginning and ending with Boris Johnson’s protracted farewell

“My director of communications has informed me that no rules have been broken” ht Stig Abell

Important new paper on link btw tax cuts and political capture in US

African Union takes steps to stamp out witchcraft attacks‘. May sound exotic, but this is an important initiative to shift norms that justify targeting ‘unruly’ women, disabled people, older people, or anyone who is different

Life of Brian was understated: ‘St Nicholas of Flüe, patron saint of the Swiss Guard, a 15th C hermit who lived in a pile of leaves and ate nothing but communion bread for twenty years. He had a vision of Jesus that was so frightening he adopted thereafter a look of permanent bewilderment.’ Ht Richard Coles

‘Oxfam’s job is to end poverty – we refuse to be distracted by the toxic culture wars. Here are some reflections on the reaction to the Oxfam Inclusive Language Guide.’ Oxfam GB boss Danny Sriskandarajah responds to the Daily Mail and others

Starting a university lecture 1993 v 2023, from Stuart Wilks-Heeg

20 years on from the invasion of Iraq, Tony Benn speaking with passion and pain against the invasion of Iraq in the House of Commons debate of the time. On the right side of history, I think.

And then, here’s Boris Johnson leaving his car to jog a few metres into his hotel (2021)

March 27, 2023
Duncan Green