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March 13, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Some cracking gallows humour from India

‘Aid, corruption, & neighbours in need: A reporter reflects on Somalia’s drought.’ Brilliant piece: ‘When I asked a woman at a camp recently what it felt like being dependent on NGO handouts for years on end, she replied “We feel like we have no soul.”

And one for UK readers…

Ministerial Whatsapp exchange during Covid. Any resemblance to university or NGO staff meetings is purely accidental of course…

Self promotion corner:

Podcast: Me burbling on about power and systems on the Goal 4 podcast on Spotify; Apple; Acast

New Development Policy Review paper: IMAGINE’s new water governance model in Goma, DRC (with Tom Kirk, Patrycja Stys & Tom Mosquera)  

Capitalists, the state and globalization’. Love how Branko thinks (and writes)

Leadership in action. Manchester United’s Casemiro hugs a fan at Wembley, and all the other players follow him.

March 13, 2023
Duncan Green