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January 30, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Crisis as Opportunity. Big oil making out like bandits right now, acc to FT

‘Blogs and social media have sparked a perpetual open and public conversation around new ideas, methods, pre-prints, funding, ethics, and technology that ranges across the research lifecycle.’ Andy Tattersall argues that research bids should include 5% for comms.

Checking in with Joseph Stiglitz on the state of inequality. New Oxfam pod and transcript, along with Danny Sriskandarajah’s 5 takeaways from the interview

Thirty years of the Vanuatu Women’s Centre: her story (book review and link to open access download)

American exceptionalism, and not in a good way. Ht Sony Kapoor

‘One doesn’t often hear USAID Administrators “use phrases like aid industrial complex.”’ Samantha Power already sounds seriously frustrated at the constraints on Big Aid.

From Melissa Gatter: ‘I created this infographic to help students envision how they can responsibly ‘do’ development. At the heart of it is critical hope, a core pillar of Sussex University Development Studies teaching that shows students how they can be highly critical of development and still work to radically transform it.’

January 30, 2023
Duncan Green