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January 10, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

Everyone ready? Ht Bryan Dawe

Remembering Martin Ravallion, superstar analyst of poverty and inequality, who died just before Christmas. Memories and plaudits from his World Bank colleagues.

In Effort to ‘Move the Needle,’ UN Chief Announces Special Summit on Climate Crisis ht Saleemul Huq

Excellent overview of humanitarian policy issues: ‘What’s on our aid policy radar in 2023?’

The “deep determinants” that best explain long-term comparative economic performance boil down to a focus on geography and institutions. Could climate change shift the dial towards geography?

The financial architecture for global aid needs an urgent overhaul. Good FT piece by Oxfam’s Danny Sriskandarajah in the FT

A clever spot for maths geeks. Ht Kit Yates:

Q. Why do mathematicians confuse Halloween and Christmas?

A. Because 31 Oct = 25 Dec. Happy Christmas.

Unlike everyone else, millennials in UK and US aren’t getting more right-wing as they age: fascinating statistics-crunch from the FT’s John Burn-Murdoch

January 10, 2023
Duncan Green