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December 12, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Harry Potter’s characters, if written by Dostoevsky ht Andrey Mir

Calling all social change leaders! Start your journey now by applying to the fully-funded Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme at LSE Inequalities Institute. Applications by 5pm GMT on 12 January 2023.

Unhinged and disturbing ad for roller skating, c/o Hayley Clarkin

Believing the risks of mismanagement, corruption, and theft in development are inherently greater with local partners is a prejudice that needs to be discarded, says Patrick Fine. (some very sensible suggestions in here too)

Brexit metaphor time: “I will not accept that it’s a highly dangerous road” From ITN archives. Ht Stephen R Jones

‘Germany clip, with English subtitles. It’s too good to be limited to a desi audience.’ ht Ansarim

December 12, 2022
Duncan Green