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November 14, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Shoe shopping in Chester (and everywhere else) ht No Context Brits

It’s all about Elon Musk on twitter these days, but some more important stuff did manage to get through. Let’s start with the twitter meltdown first tho:

First, people have rapidly twigged that you can set up a bogus ‘verified’ account by paying $8 a month, with astonishing results.

A fake Eli Lilly Twitter corporate tweet announced ‘insulin is free now’ and knocked $6.8 billion off the Eli Lilly share price in the space of a few hours. ht Paul Kidd

Lockheed Martin also got the treatment:

But while we’re all chortling at the corporate takedowns, there will be much darker things coming out of the chaos, I fear.

Back to reality and the climate crisis – here’s a T Rex at Sharm al Sheikh:

Carbon Billionaires – the carbon emissions of the super-rich. Max Lawson introduces Oxfam’s new report for the Egypt CoP on the links between inequality and the climate crisis

I did not like Mrs Thatcher (big surprise), but she was one of the first world leaders to grasp the impending climate crisis – here she is speaking to the UN 33 years ago. ht Mark Maslin

And some light relief:

Bizarre British health advice – anyone know the date (I’m guessing early 70s)? Ht Pulp Librarian

Adam Sharp performing a valuable cultural translation service here. ‘Let’s get this show on the road!’ from different languages (can anyone confirm if these are true?):

5. Let’s pick up our hammers! (Bulgarian)

4. Let’s saddle the chickens! (German)

3. Let’s go bedbugs, the bed’s on fire! (Finnish)

2. On with the butter! (Icelandic)

1. Forward with the goat! (Flemish)

Amazing footage from Iran of women v clerics on hijab-wearing ht Frida Ghitis

November 14, 2022
Duncan Green