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October 31, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

The prospects for war with China: Why Chris Blattman sees a serious chance of World War III in the next decade

Oxfam is expanding its paid trainee scheme. Spend 15 months working for Oxfam GB . No formal qualifications needed; just a commitment to fight for a more equal world. Apply by 9 Nov.

Five international NGOs launch fresh bid to tackle power imbalances in aid: CARE, Plan International, Christian Aid, Save the Children and Oxfam, with support from Degan Ali. Good summary/assessment by New Humanitarian.

Crazy ball juggling skills, half way up a lamppost. Ht Benjamin Wittes

Meet the DIY humanitarians changing it up: positive Monday morning vibes from The New Humanitarian

Astonishing stats on the collapse in fertility around the world. Are we going to run out of people?

How presidents walk. Ht Stefan Leonhardsberger Via: michaelschulteshow /IG

October 31, 2022
Duncan Green