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October 3, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

(Featured Image above – Italy’s new North-South divide)

Best employment contract ever? Ht Dr Helen Salisbury

4 advantages of working with faith groups to address the food crisis

After the budget, 6 challenges facing UK aid

Meanwhile, USAID cracks on: Samantha Power announces USAID Africa Localization Initiative

RIP Hilary Mantel. Here she is on understanding history ht Jim Pickard

Should We Cancel Capacity Building? During my brief period at DFID, one of my biggest regrets was that Clare Short rejected a proposal from an Indian NGO to ‘build the capacity’ of UK NGOs on trade……. ht Remi Kaupp

Iranian women — no Hijab — sing the Farsi version of Bella Ciao, the anti-fascist anthem of the Italian resistance during WW II. ht Frida Ghitis

Female hurricanes are deadlier than male hurricanes (bc they lead to lower perceived risk and consequently less preparedness). Gender stereotypes really do kill (although some debate on methodology in the comments). ht Jess Crombie

Avoiding gender bias in reference writing ht Mette Bendixen. Intended for academics, but more widely applicable

October 3, 2022
Duncan Green