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September 20, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

In the interests of everyone’s sanity, I’m keeping this a queen-free zone, which means it’s based on about 10% of my timeline…

The academic year is starting and there’s some good stuff open to all – get these in your diaries:

Great line up in this year’s ‘Cutting Edge’ lecture series at LSE, starting with Ha-Joon Chang on economics v science fiction.

Panel on ‘the feasibility of the developmental state project in Africa’ (aka can Ghana do a South Korea?) Register here

Legendary Trinidadian stand-up John Agitation. “A 9yr old boy asks his Father…what is Politics?”

Lots of silliness over the casting of black and latino actors in Lord of the Rings. Assal Rad injects some perspective

Russia’s setbacks in the Ukraine are triggering some extraordinary debates on its TV channels

September 20, 2022
Duncan Green