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August 8, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Impossible to tell whether this Russian ad trying to convince people to move there is satire or serious. Either way, it’s v funny. ht David Patrikarikos

‘Power shift? USAID and localisation’. Interesting piece: Points out that the quickest way to large scale localization is direct budget support to governments. Hadn’t thought of that. Duh.

At least 140 aid workers were killed in 2021 – the highest in 8 years, according to new stats from the Aid Worker Security Database. 98% of deaths were local staff, and more than half worked for local NGOs. ht the New Humanitarian

‘The complexity and humility inherent in the application of behavioural science to public policy is probably the aspect of the approach that was most lost by the simple appeal of “Nudge”’.

Brain food for the hungry: Branko Milanovic ‘On import substitution, Fukuyama, eternal growth and more’. Superbly erudite and stimulating reflection on the modern world

The story of aggregate global aid volumes up to end 2021. V smart animated summary from the OECD ht Ida McConell

Limiting myself to two Lionesses videos. Jill Scott’s lip-reading for beginners….. 😉

And the lovely post-match press conference anarchy

‘Just because you claim to think something is true does not make it true’. Truth v post-truth encapsulated in the Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial

August 8, 2022
Duncan Green