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October 31, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Closed, repressed, obstructed, narrowed or open? Tracking civil society space. New interactive tool from CIVICUS, civicus-mapincluding country ratings and a searchable database

Michael Spence argues that by rebalancing power relationships in the world’s democracies, digital technology is partly responsible for the increased focus on inequality

Seven useful tips for new development masters students, especially on not obsessing about your grades

Brilliant and thought provoking. If women wrote men the way men write women… [h/t Tim Harford]

When the outlook is bad, the World Bank reaches for political explanations; when it’s good, it’s all down to economic policy. Naomi Hossain on Bangladesh and the Bank

The 74 articles in the 2016 World Social Science Report on inequality now have separate links, including to my 4 pager on the history of redistribution

16 mind numbing, gnaw-your-own-arms-off pieces of office jargon – and suggested alternatives, eg “When all the rhubarb is harvested.” (for ‘at the end of the day’)

rodrik-4-word-reviewSorry, you’ll have to put up with some book-related links for the next few weeks. I’m doing a Twitter chat on Thursday lunchtime. Talks at Sheffield, LSE, Edinburgh and DFID this week. Then off to Geneva to speak at UNRISD on 7th November. Then Netherlands 9-11th (details to follow). Other Geneva/Dutch organizations/individuals please let me know if you want to set something up.

Nice reviews from Diana Coyle and Jamie Pett, the best four word review ever steve-lewis-on-hchfrom Dani Rodrik, and a nice piss-take from Steve Lewis

October 31, 2016
Duncan Green