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October 24, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

The value of history (h/t Luciano Floridi)value-of-history

Does China’s rise really reframe how the rest of the world sees Western ideas (and ideals)? Brilliant Branko Milanovic piece

What makes young people more excited about politics? Deciding how to spend municipal budgets. So participatory budgeting = best way to reengage disenchanted millennials.

Migrants from developing countries sent home $439bn in 2015 (3 times the global aid budget). That’s slightly less than in 2014, but the World Bank expects a return to growth in 2016.

It’s UK publication week for How Change Happens. Big thanks to Amy Moran for this funky and frenetic ad for the book (and for designing its cool new website)

Backgrounder to Poland’s inspiring, citizen-led defeat of a terrible anti-abortion lawextreme-poverty-to-2013

The amount needed to bring all the world’s poor up to the poverty line is now down to $78bn a year, 0.1% of global GDP

Don’t worry, it will be over soon. Saturday Night Live does the second and third US presidential debates. Classics to enjoy if/when politics turn sane again


October 24, 2016
Duncan Green