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September 26, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Beta version of How Change Happens website now live – need your feedback please (and delighted to hear from the hch-site-screengrabaccompanying poll that you aren’t sick of me going on about the book – at least not yet. Give me time…..).

How corporates & NGOs might collaborate to promote tax transparency. Ethical Tax Initiative anyone?

17 rage-inducing bits of aid jargon (robust, circle back, buckets, learnings, take-aways) & what should replace them. Hope someone’s keeping a compilation of these – we need a combo style guide/Academie Francaise language police to defend plain English against the management-speak barbarians.

un-speech-lengthLeaders from the Americas (esp US) talk the longest at the UN

ActionAid had a good week:

What happens when you take up Bridge on their call to visit their schools? Vintage Ben Phillips

Women do four years more work (paid + unpaid) than men in lifetime. Top killer fact from AA

Hard to avoid Syria’s tragic downward spiral this week:

What do Syrians want? Opinion polls inside Syria are impossible, so some bright spark surveyed 2,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Half support opposition, 40% pro Assad + lots more fascinating data

Syrian refugees in Lebanon have become a turning point in the switch to cash transfers in humanitarian aid.

‘Dear President Obama, remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance?’ 6 year olds make powerful advocates sometimes

September 26, 2016
Duncan Green