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August 8, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Top billboard, top hashtag – #ActualMuslims set the record straight in Chicago [h/t Hussain Khamani]Hey ISIS you suck

What’s to be done with Oxfam? Thoughtful reflection on the current state of existential self-questioning in the INGOs. Uwe Gneiting of Oxfam America responds.

Fascinating. 10 Africans from all walks of life describe their digital days

Excellent piece on power of networked campaigning [h/t Jamie Pett]

Why not actually draw up a real life social contract & get politicians to social contractsign it? Nice Zambian example from this 2012 ODI paper

‘The strange hair, or shaven head, makes the popular leader instantly recognizable’ The link between follicular eccentricity and populism

Powerfully written story of Yusra, a Syrian refugee who swam for her life in the Aegean Sea and is now swimming in the Olympics. [h/t Mark Goldring]

Branko Milanovic thinks a new capitalism is being born (tackling inequality, development, and immigration), and Teresa May is the midwife

Shocking, powerful Channel 4 News piece on Yemen’s hunger crisis and culpability of UK 

August 8, 2016
Duncan Green