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July 21, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

End child hunger or launch self into space?
The dilemma every billionaire seems to face…. h/t Kira Boe

The Pandemic Changed the World Of ‘Voluntourism.’ Some Folks Like The New Way Better

Thought-provoking Foucauldian analysis of the rise of ‘research impact’

The racist abuse of England players has sparked a political row over the government’s stance over taking the knee. The team took the knee to protest against social injustice. What does the data show about the scale of structural inequality? 5 minutes of top factiness from the BBC’s Lewis Goodall

If only words were deeds. How often bankers mention inequality in their speeches h/t The Economist

Speeches made by central bankers that mention inequality.

Marcus Rashford/English footballers in general 5, everyone else (apart from Italian footballers, sadly) zero. h/t Richard Coles

Marcus Rashford on racism

Smart graphic produced by some Said Business School students after a session with David Bonbright on “impact measurement”.

Aligning measurement and accountability

July 21, 2021
Duncan Green