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October 17, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

A history of the Fed funds rate since 1979. File under correlation ≠ causation ht Gabriel Mathy

 My friend Ha-Joon Chang’s new book, Edible Economics gets off to a flying start with the kind of publicity any author dreams of – denounced for wokery in the Daily Mail: ‘Woke Cambridge don claims the Full English breakfast isn’t British’. (Also, he’s moved to SOAS, top reporting DM). Next week, Edible Economics will be book of the week on BBC Radio 4, but sadly won’t include the chapter on chiles, where I make a cameo appearance during a meltdown in a Szechuan restaurant……

The ‘humanitarian reform hamster wheel‘. How the humanitarian sector can learn from its past:…

Why did this student get 0/10? Ht Michael Scott

I want this guy on my next flight please! ht Giles Paley-Phillips

Sticking with airplane humour, Russian propaganda videos about Russians moving to the U.S could do with a little more…… subtlety

British Politics is getting ever more surreal. The Economist went viral with this editorial on Liz Truss ‘Take away the ten days of mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and she had seven days in control. That is roughly the shelf-life of a lettuce.’

Which The Daily Star (bottom-feeding tabloid) then picked up with a live feed to see if the PM can outlast the lettuce. 218 people watching it as I write, but why? Nothing is happening!

But, tortured liberal as I am, part of me worries that this is all barely concealed misogyny, rather than/as well as fair political comment. Would a male PM be treated in the same way? Thoughts?

Update: we have a winner

October 17, 2022
Duncan Green