I'm on a speaking tour in the US from 10-21 November – everyone welcome

December 27, 2008

     By Duncan Green     

A quick plug. Now the summer is gone, and the students have sobered up from freshers’ week (or whatever it’s called in the US), I’m taking the From Poverty to Powerpoint to the US. The tour is from 10-21 November and includes the following venues:

Monday 11/10 Princeton
Tuesday 11/11 Columbia
Wednesday 11/12 Tufts
Thursday 11/13 Tufts  (different department)
Thursday 11/13 Brandeis
Friday 11/14 Harvard
Monday 11/17 Notre Dame
Tuesday 11/18 Georgetown
Wednesday 11/19 World Bank
Wednesday 11/19 Center for Global Development
Thursday 11/20 Stanford

All these are open to the public. Since over half the hits on this blog are from the US (Google Analytics is a wonderful thing), it would be great to meet some of you in person, not least to pick your brains on the outcome of the US elections and implications for development. To sign up or get more details of US events, and other talks in the UK and India between now and Christmas, click here.


December 27, 2008
Duncan Green