I’m helping run a summer school on Adaptive Management. In Bologna. Interested?

March 6, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

This could be a lot of fun, I’m working with two of the smartest minds in Oxfam: Irene Guijt (head of research) and Claire Hutchings (head of Programme Quality) to design and deliver a one week summer school course on ‘Adaptive Management:  Working Effectively in the Complexity of International Development’. Between us we are going to try and really combine the theoretical hand-waving stuff with the much more practical ‘here’s how you change what you do on the ground’ approach of practitioners. The course runs from 11th-15th June, 2018, And it’s in Bologna, Italy, which is pretty cool.

Here’s the blurb:

‘In the last few years, “Adaptive Management” (AM) and “complexity-aware monitoring and evaluation and learning” have gone viral as new development catchwords. Networks of donors, practitioners and researchers, such as ‘Doing Development Differently’, ‘Thinking and Working Politically’ and ‘Adaptive Management’ have developed thinking, explored current practice and are starting to propose new approaches that recognize that to be effective, international development programmes need to address the complexity and unpredictability of the contexts in which we work. This 5- day course offers a blend of grounded theory, case studies and student clinics, which will help us to understand the importance of complexity, the need for Adaptive Management, and its applications for international development programming.

Day 1> Introduction and definition of Adaptive Management
Day 2> Design and planning: exploring systems, power and stakeholder mapping 
Day 3> 
Implementing: managing collaborative and iterative programs and activities 
Day 4> 
Integrating complexity-aware monitoring, evaluation and learning
Day 5> Institutionalizing Adaptive Management – Making the case for AM to leaders and peers

Enrollment Fees: 1,500 Euros (early review) -1,700 Euros (general application)
Early Review Deadline: 
April 15, 2018 General Application Deadline: May 15, 2018.
More Information and application: for more information on the course and trainers click here

Download the application form at this link and return by email to: summer-school@cid-bo.org

The following week, there’s a 3 day seminar on ‘Outcome Harvesting for Complex Development Programmes’, also in Bologna.