ICYMI: Highlights of this summer’s FP2P posts

September 10, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

About 6,000 of you have signed up for email notifications of new posts on FP2P, but the system crashed for some reason at the start of June and was only finally fixed last week. Now the notifications are back up, here’s an annotated guide to what you missed. 3 months-worth of posts is a hell of a lot, so I’ll divvy it up into month-sized chunks. Here’s June.

A very informative punch up on Community Driven Development: after I reviewed a critical evaluation by Howard White and Radhika Menon, CDD guru Scott Guggenheim responded.  Howard and Radhika came back swinging and Scott tried to find some common ground/have the last word (he succeeded).

A lot of discussion of Adaptive Management (aka Doing Development Differently) prompted by a week teaching about it in Bologna, which generated 7 suggested rules of thumb for AM. Chris Roche and Alan Whaites chipped in.

Religion always gets people going. Praising the role of missionaries in development prompted a lot of comments, and DFID is keen on tapping into religious giving.

Some book reviews: Dan Honig’s ‘Navigation by Judgment’, and Sarah Corbett’s ‘Craftivism

Inequality: The World Inequality Report 2018 and the data geeks have forgotten the politics (again). And Save the Children’s Kevin Watkins with its latest wheeze to reduce child inequality (‘convergence pathways’, since you ask)

Some LSE-related stuff: Report back on my first attempt at teaching LSE students to be campaigners; a seminar in Ghent was a bit mind-numbing, but the highlight was seeing Power through the eyes of a dead Congolese fish

Lots of links I liked, which I’ll spare you, and some random other stuff

And finally, a funny on the project cycle and complexity

September 10, 2018
Duncan Green