How to survive in an Open Plan office and other Links I Liked

August 5, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

How you behave depends on where you sit (or is it vice versa?). Love this guide to parliamentary seating arrangements in different countries from The Economist

Parliament seating arrangements

Anxiety is rising over Ebola in DRC, with 4 cases confirmed in Goma (pop 2 million) and chaos as Rwanda briefly closed the border there. Amy Daffe of MercyCorps argues that the problem is trust (or lack of it) and the difficulty of rebuilding it.

People Power Can Boost the Afghan Peace Process. Maria Stephan on the potential of non-violent protest in unlikely places

Estimated per capita lost from a hard Brexit, by country

Chilling numbers on who will lose from a hard Brexit and by how much. From the FT (gated, so no link). Pain concentrated in UK, especially London/South East. Outside the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway & Netherlands will be worst hit.

Some great advice for NGO Advocates: how to strengthen your engagement with governments (ht Rakesh Rajani) and a toolkit for playing defense (eg stopping bad stuff, rather than pushing good stuff) reviewed by Tom Baker 

More smart (& brief) advice, this time for economics graduates from Dani Rodrik, including the great quote (not his) ‘God created economists to make astrologers look good.’

And finally, handy for surviving in an open plan office

Do not disturb
August 5, 2019
Duncan Green