Ha-Joon Chang as a sweary cat and other Links I Liked

September 2, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Viv Richards story

Why everyone should love Viv Richards (ht Brian Lara)

Excellent and strikingly optimistic Briefing: Sudan comes in from the cold as it transitions to civilian rule. Hope it’s warranted

Applications open Wednesday 28 August for LSE Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity, a funded programme that brings the world’s change-makers to London to share insights, knowledge and hope. Vox pops from previous fellows here.

Alternatively, applications are now open (til 19th Sept) for Oxfam GB’s paid Trainee Scheme. No qualifications required, just passion and smarts.

‘The book is built on the quicksand of a world that did not exist, will not exist, and on a methodology that I find wanting.’ Branko Milanovic doesn’t rate Paul Collier’s ‘The Future of Capitalism’ but he does like some of the recommendations, especially the suggestion for spatial taxes on big houses and high earners in large cities.

Ha-Joon Chang in cartoon form

Spanish-speakers only: Ha-Joon Chang was in Chile last week promoting industrial policy (and slagging off the TPP) to get Chile out of its current doldrums. Some radical students even turned him into a particularly foul-mouthed cat

Mexicans are stealing the wall, and Trevor Noah can’t get over it

Indonesia announces site of new capital city to replace sinking Jakarta. We will see more headlines like this as Sea Level Rise → governments moving to higher ground, but what aboutt the millions left behind?

The End of Shareholder Primacy? Nobel laureate Michael Spence is upbeat on recent decision by America’s Business Roundtable to shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism

A real eye opener: US foreign aid spending in four charts, including this table of who gets what. Better make sure you’ve heard of Chemonix…..

Top recipients of US foreign assistance
September 2, 2019
Duncan Green