The Guardian goes global; development success stories; China v US on sustainable energy; Americans love the UN; stats made easy; emergency universities; what really happened in Copenhagen: Links I liked

September 20, 2010

     By Duncan Green     

Welcome to this blog’s 500th post…..

Check out the Guardian’s new Global Development website and its accompanying  ‘GD Blogosphere‘ portal 

The ODI has launched a new website on ‘development success‘, with some great case studies.

China overtakes the US on sustainable energy finance – who’s walking the walk on climate change?

How about this for a US opinion poll?
· 54% think the UN needs to be strengthened.
· 64% want a standing UN peacekeeping force.
· 67% want the US to participate in an international treaty on climate change.
· 70% favor American participation in the International Criminal Court.
· 68% want cooperation with China, against just 28% who favor containment.

Series of excellent brief guides to how to use and understand statistics, c/o the British House of Commons library

Are Universities an essential service that must continue operating during future emergencies like SARS? Singapore thinks so and is running a test, shutting down its National University for a week to force all its lecturers to deliver classes online. In the UK, most university professors still haven’t got their heads round powerpoint.  

What really happened in Copenhagen – a 40 minute documentary from IIED (make yourself a cup of tea while it’s downloading….)

September 20, 2010
Duncan Green