Good and bad ideas on climate change; soccer for Americans; contradictory views; bad Canada; mobile banking; what motivates people? Links I liked

June 14, 2010

     By Duncan Green     

On the Political Climate blog, Matthew Lockwood unpacks a big row over a new World Bank-supported mega coal-fired electricity plant in South Africa and has some good ideas for a ‘Carbon Trading Initiative’ to reduce carbon emissions in supply chains

Land grabs meet climate finance, and a dodgy Brit is arrested

A guide to football (sorry, soccer). For Americans, c/o the Onion

‘What to make of a conversation in which a government environment ministry employee, with the patience of a practiced teacher, explains (in French) the workings and importance of wildlife conservation (including a moratorium on all hunting), and then, just a few minutes later, yells (in Sangho) in favor of his right to hunt, a right he is prepared to fight to maintain?’ Louisa Lombard ponders people’s ability to hold simultaneous and contradictory views 
Jim Stanford lays into Canada – the new international bad guy of choice on climate change and just about everything else – for its opposition as host of the G20 to any thought of a Robin Hood Tax

A wonderful tirade on the savage clown blog about the abuse of ‘Africa’ as a single convenient ‘other’ by the West

How Kenya’s M-PESA mobile phone money transfer system actually works – people moving bundles of cash round in buses and vans

What motivates people? The behavioural arguments against the bonus culture (and some very cool drawing) [h/t Audrey Bronstein]

June 14, 2010
Duncan Green