Covid Humour & other Links I Liked

April 6, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Last Supper on Zoom

Last supper on Zoom ht @MythAddict

Lots of good analysis on how to manage Covid response in low income countries where self isolation is not an option, but I would like to read more from southern authors – please send links.

In amongst the Corona-craziness, you may have missed the passing of two powerful voices for development and justice. RIP Thandika Mkandawire and Martin Khor. We are the poorer without you.

One for the silver lining/straw clutchism section: ‘The cancellation of cross-country races in West Yorkshire has saved hundreds of migrating toads, according to a toad protection group: hundreds of the amphibians have been trampled by fell runners in previous years.’ Toad Protection Group?

Van Gogh waring a face mask

Dark humour for dark times from Margaret Crowley

My brother has found me the perfect work out video for home confinement

Working from home has it’s drawbacks

But at least there’s this top slack parenting tip for WFH.

The ridiculously musical Marsh family does Les Mis (but at least the kids squabble too)
April 6, 2020
Duncan Green