Covid Links I Liked

April 27, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

My essay on Covid-19 as a Critical Juncture and the Implications for Advocacy has been published by Global Policy. Huge thanks to all the people who commented on earlier drafts, including the 130 who rocked up to the Global Policy/LSE webinar – video here. My plan is now to move on to monitoring the impact and response in developing countries, especially around the theme of ’emergent agency’, but I may come back and take another look when this is all over, and see how the paper looks with hindsight (always a high risk exercise!)

The Time to Act is Now. A letter from more than 90 African intellectuals to African leaders about the continent’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘A practice emanating from older and wealthier countries was misguidedly “copy and pasted” by elites in younger and poorer societies’. Why lockdowns might not be Africa’s best bet.

Amartya Sen: ‘Overcoming a pandemic may look like fighting a war, but the real need for dealing with a social calamity is participatory governance and alert public discussion.

Mass campaign in Brazil wins Basic Income for millions

‘An extra 265 million people could be pushed into acute food insecurity by Covid-19’ according to the WFP. Reasons include economies dependent on food imports, oil exports, tourism or remittances.

Great tips for newbie zoomies ready to step it up a notch or three.

The ultimate lockdown song by a music teacher known only as ‘makeshift macaroni’. Genius. ht Richard Cunliffe

April 27, 2020
Duncan Green