Choosing the How Change Happens book cover round two: one more vote, please

March 7, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Update: It was closer than round one, but we have a winner – ripped paper with about 45% of the 350+ votes, the rest split between the other two. Thanks to everyone who voted – will pass this on to OUP.

OK, so we had a clear winner on the first vote – the ripped paper one got 66% of the 500 or so votes and my LSE students agreed. But a sizeable number of comments said ‘none of the above’, so I went back to OUP and we had a think. Some people wanted a cartoon – too NGO-y in my view. Some people wanted a photo – Arab Spring, Mandela walking to freedom etc, but OUP said that makes it look like an academic textbook (and they should know). So OUP came up with some more typographical options and this will be the last vote, honest. So please vote between these 3 options

  1. the ripped paper
  2. placard
  3. red speech boxes

Over to you:

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HCH Ripped PaperHCH Placard

HCH Red boxes

March 7, 2016
Duncan Green